You’re probably using the wrong dictionary by James Somers is a post about how John McPhee used a dictionary to find better words for his prose after draft 4. article

The process of writing documented by Holden Karnofsky from Cold takes. Pick a topic. Read/discuss with others. Explain and defend hypothesis. Find weaknesses. Pick a subquestion and do more reading. Revise or swith sides and repeat. Article

Dave Chaney has interesting bookmarks on his Internets of Interest page. Bookmarks


Homeopathic naming is one of the commonest habits programmers can fall into without realising: making names longer by adding more words with the goal of adding more meaning to code, but in practice diluting the meaning with every Factory/Manager/Object/Controller/Value/Service/… added. Article

I really like the slides on How to Name Things. The internet archives are a better source because they captured slides before annoying popups started appearing. Archive Slides

I've pulled quotes from Neil Gaiman that will change the way you think about writing.

Avoid making objects that end in er. Managers, controllers, organisers, analisers, renderers, builders, loaders, readers, writers. Article Archive


Clare Le Goues: "...use the Oxford/serial comma, because doing so is so obviously correct."Source

Clare Le Goues has a great article "Things I Keep Repeating About Writing ". Use clear and precise langauge. do not use more syllables than necessary. Present numbers properly. Article Archive

Advice from the author of Effective C++11 on reviewing manuscripts. Article

Derek Sivers "On Writing Well" has a list of things that just resonate with me. Great blunt advice about writing better non-fiction. So inspiring. I think they're from book On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Article

Ian Fleming Explains How to Write a Thriller. Article Archive

Being good at writing means being good at spelling. I've got a Vocab Deck that I'm using to try bring my spelling up to par.


The best way to work is with Feedback Loops. The earlier you can get feedback, the easier it is to fix your work.

The Hemmingway App is an online editor that highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. Editor

Get a Linter Integration for your editor and set it up with the "Write Good" linter to get inline warnings. Linter