Wiki Template Pattern

You feel like consistent formatting will reduce the overhead of boilerplate text to give context.

You are creating content in a Federated Wiki which follows the same format.

You have read the Pattern Pattern and feel that leveraging templates would be helpful.


It is either tedious or difficult to follow a common format because there is so much to fill out. Worse still, it's been some time and you've forgotten all the rules for your page format.


After you have examples of 3+ pages which follow this common format, extract a Federated Wiki Template page.


Templates are pages that end in "Template". They show up as options when following a link to a page that does not exist.

Create a new page which ends with the word "Template". e.g. Idea Template

Create a link from any Federated Wiki page as normal using square brackets. e.g. My New Page

Use the "Create" button next to the template.

The Federated Wiki engine automatically integrates pages that follow this Pattern without the need for special plugins.


See Patterns List for the complete list of all patterns on this wiki.