Wellington Golang

Golang Wellington is a meetup which I took responsibility in running.

People of various skills come together to discuss the Go Programming Language and software that uses it.

I'm tracking different Tools for Presenters to make it easier to record and create high quality content.

We've been recording our talks on the GoNZ Youtube Channel

In November 2019, we had a talk by Jacob Lister titled Write your own Modular Synthesizer in Golang , and Jesse Whitham on Golang Slackbots with AWS Lambda and Serverless

In September 2019, we had a talk by AJ on reverse engineering the RF on Bluetooth Candles, and James Farger on a google tool that larger projects use to structure. Sadly these are not recorded.

In May 2008, I gave a talk on Image Manipulation in Golang. Sadly this was not recorded.

I used OBS to record some of these and found it to be really good. It requires quite a lot of CPU cycles, but it worked out.