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This wiki is owned by Matthew B. Gray, a Software Developer who lives in Wellington.

Posts - Here you can find me journaling in public. These are a bit more long form around a topic.

I'm structuring my thoughts using the PARA method described by Tiago Forte. PARA stands for Projects, Areas, Resources and Archives. Article

Projects are a series of tasks linked to a goal, with a deadline. Examples include: Complete app mockup; Develop project plan; Execute business development campaign; Write blog post; Finalize product specifications; Attend conference.

Areas are a sphere of activity with a standard to be maintained over time. Examples include: Health; Finances, Professional Development; Travel; Hobbies; Friends; Apartment; Car; Productivity; Direct reports; Product Development; Writing.

Resources are a topic or theme of ongoing interest.

Archives include inactive items from the other three categories. Examples include: projects that have been completed or become inactive; areas that you are no longer committed to maintaining; resources that you are no longer interested in.

There are good Arguments for Preferring HTTPS, but this website is also available over http to allow it to be linked into the federation. http://matthew.nz