Vim is an advanced composable text editor. My configuration is up in my dotfiles repo .

I chose Vim because every piece of software I tend to get into has me using more keyboard shortcuts than the interface itself. Shortcuts in Vim are modal so they end up being single letters that mean something, and you can compose them in loads of ways. I've been using Vim for years and I'm still learning new ways to compose shortcuts.


Read Zenclavier: Extreme Keyboarding.

Matthieu Cneude published "A Vim Guide for Advanced Users" and it's pretty good. Article

Read more about Git Fugitive !!!

Have a look at using rspec against vim

If there are things to be done, put them in TODO.

There are some great colour schemes to look at.

Seems there's a curated set of plugins to choose from for random needs.

Cheatsheet for Easy Align plugin

Break out vim plugins into cheat sheet pages :)

TOOD System-copy for clipboard interactions

# Situps

"+y and "*y = Yank from clipboard (Register " and *)

"+p and "*p = Paste from clipboard (Register " and *)

Register 0 has last yank

Register 1 has last delete

Last yank or delete goes to register "

`:` vs `q:` vs `^f` from ex mode

/ vs q/

Registers `:` and `/` have last search and ex commands

Put register into search/ex with `^R [register]`. e.g. `^R 0`

map <binding> <actions> = All modes

[niv]map <binding> <actions> = (normal|insert|visual) mode map

remove mappings with nunmap <binding>

[nvi]noremap <binding> <actions> = ignore rebindings,

base your actions on vanilla vim

use <leader> for custom maps to avoid collisions