Unicorne - A single-piece 40% ortho keyboard inspired by the Corne. Build Log Github

You can't buy these. You can't even buy a kit. Issue#7

Project includes fabrication files in Releases. Fabrication Files

I've priced this out based on JLCPCB. Spreadsheet

There's a directory listing on-demand manufacturers for your creative projects. Includes 3D printing, laser cutting, cnc milling, book/magazine printing, pcb manufacture, and metal casting. Directory

So it looks like you get a BOM before you order

The cost is ~35 USD for shipping but only $16 for order

You can use the Aluminium mask to get front/back plates

I want to modify the case with an underglow like the Cocoot46plus. Listing

I don't use LCD screens, but I'd love to replace it with some drilled holes like the Reviung. Website