October 6, 2016

Linux Adventure Offline Drivers

You might also be interested in the Linux Adventure Prequel post. Lets say you want to install things on a Gentoo distro, but you have no network? Perhaps you want to install something novel, like a network, but need a network to get a network. I am currently without a linux box and I don’t want to understand everything about my package manager just yet. The most lightweight way I know would be to just run up a Docker image with a mounting to a folder on the desktop. Read more

October 4, 2016

Linux Adventure Prequel

Even amongst nerds, it’s hard to find someone who wants Linux on a desktop. Perhaps that’s because stuff got hard, everything changed. EFI Crypto boot, new fangled window managers, systemd, no onboard networking and still terrible wifi driver support. It’s pants really: to get drivers you need a network, to get network you need drivers or a plug in supported thing. I’m motivated because I miss my tiling window manager, and I miss the choice I got. Read more