Tagging Pattern

You are creating Anki flashcards and require bulk operations to find, review, or maintain them.

You have already read the paper Am I wasting my time organising email?


You have a situation where you need to select a grouping of articles/posts/flashcards in the next month and

An Anki Search Regex can't group the cards you're trying to operate over, or you have to mark them as-you-go™.


Create a namespaced tag describing the item and use this consistently in your cards.

**Anki** namespace your tags using `::`. This lets you select, remove or migrate entire hierarchies.


Review the tag hierarchies described below: 1. migrate:: used by Note Migration Pattern 2. shortcut:: used by Shortcut Note Format 3. define:: used by Definition Note Format

If none match your use case, create a new one and add it to the list above. Review the Patterns List and make sure the tag is mentioned in those steps.

Apply the new tag to related notes in Anki.


Flash Card Patterns: These should all follow this convention.

See Patterns List for the complete list of all patterns on this wiki.

See Johnny Decimal System for ideas around creating taxonomies.