Scott's Wedding Speech

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In 2022 I gave a speech for my brother's wedding. I used these notes as queues while on stage.

My goal for each story was to tap into emotion and weave credibility into three stories to elicit engagement. I wanted to get a few laughs too.


For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Matthew, I’m Scotts eldest brother.

When Scott and Josie first asked me if I wanted to give a speech at their wedding, I had to say yes.

Scott gave a speech when I got married.

I wanted to do the same for him.

Now that I'm standing in front of you all it's a little scary.

But I can see you're all good people.

"You get engaged for each other, you get married for everyone else".

That's what they've done.

They've setup this lovely venue and invited all of us to be here.

Lets get a round of applause for Scott and Josie!

Scott and I first met in the 90s.

Feb 15 1991.

We had an instant connection.

Let me set the scene – What were the Top Singles on Scott's Birthday? NZ Globally

Globally — C&C Music Factory's "Everybody Dance Now". Youtube

New Zealand — "Do The Bartman". Youtube

That was on Feb 15. What topped 1991? NZ

New Zealand's most played song was Brian Adam's "Everything I do I do it for you". Youtube

1991 was fun vibes here with a drop of romance.

Keeping things fun with a little bit of romance is important for a good marriage.

Story 2

Dad sometimes calls me Scott.

And he sometimes drops around Scott's stuff when clearing out the house.

And now I have all this great speech material to share!

💖 1️⃣ Open "This is my Life" to Drawings

Now I am at school I can eat all of my food on my own.

I can read stories out of the kit boxes.

I can draw houses and people and cars.

Signed, Scott.

Scott still loves food, that's what makes these two a good match.

They're always making delicious food.

Scott also still loves drawing.

🎸 2️⃣ Compare pictures-- then vs today

Scott has better paintings

This is the one he made for us.

💥 3️⃣ Previous Page

When I was at Play Centre I played on the slide and we went down it 10 times.

I went with my friends down the slide.

I liked playing on the jungle gym with my friends.

Signed, Scott.

Scott and Josie are pretty active people.

They're both into cycling now.

But when Scott was growing up, he was really really into skateboarding.

Story 3

And this makes me want to share a skateboarding story.

Mum and Dad were overseas.

Scott was living in the family home.

I got a call from him.

He'd lost the keys to the car.

Not only that, but he'd lost his wallet.

"How did you loose them?" I asked.

He told me that he'd left them at the edge of the skate park and they'd just vanished.

Rosanna and I used our spare keys to get into the house but couldn't find spares to the car.

We called a tow truck and brought the car back to our place.

Then an astonishing thing happened!

The tow truck driver opened the car with a coat hanger and guess what?

The spare keys were in the glove compartment.

You think it might sound whacky, but leave things where you'll need them again later even if it doesn't make much sense at the time.

Now you can leave important things with Josie. No need to trust the public.


It’s not hard to see why my brother fell in love with Josie.

She’s onto it, gracious, sweet, and loves to get out and do stuff.

Josie and Scott are a good match, and I'm really happy to welcome you to our family.

Wishing you a lifetime of



and happiness.