Science Papers

This is a set of papers to track against as part of my Reading List.

Where possible, I've tried put things in order of recommendation or influence. Things at the top of these lists I'd consider a good next place to go on a learning journey while things further down are just on the radar.

This list is divided into 4 sections: Recommended reading, Currently reading, Backlog and Sources. The goal is to make it easy to find what to read next, and reference or find material that I've read in the past.

When adding to these lists, please follow MLA style citation. Perdue MLA Guide

Currently Reading

Recommended Reading

Thompson, Ken. Reflections on Trusting Trust. ACM Digital Library, 1984.


Bentley, Jon. Programming Pearls (Paper). ACM Digital Library, 1985.

Wiseman, Richard. The Luck Factor. The Magazine For Science And Reason, Vol 27. 2003.


Papers we Love. Github

List of important publications in computer science. Wikipedia

The General Index.