Rig Build

Misc notes on hardware so I can track thoughts.

Because I'm into Mechanical Keyboards, it turns out I don't really use a laptop to it's full potential. If I'm doing serious work, I'd be at a desk and that means I idealize a desktop.


Mini ITX Chasis look like a great profile. Someone created a simple one called the "computer-1", simple enough that even a teenager can put it together. store

computer–1: mini-ITX chasis source

Jeff Atwood has a blog post about a rig he put together in 2020 which was quite good. article

Tom's hardware shared a mini ATX rig in 2021 with 80 cores that looked pretty awesome. article

Hard Drive Reliability statistics are published by Backblaze, a cloud storage company. stats


There's a market for Referbished IBM thinkpads on referb.io. search

There's also referbished thinkpads over on the blackmarket.com. store

I hear great things about working on a Chromebook. Specifically, the Google Pixelbook looked great. store

I hear you can load any signed OS onto your Chromebook if you provide a signature. The TPM chip will no longer run Chrome OS but it'll verify what you loaded on. I heard this on oxide.computer's podcast "on the metal". I can't find the specific link, but wanted to note it here.