Public Speaking Advice

A collection of advice picked up from various sources.

Chloe, the Head of Product at Flick suggested this for presenting tech demos. I think this can be generalised. Linkedin

*The goal* Starts with the team's north star/mission/reason for being etc. Tell us why you exist and what you are trying to achieve. Repeat this every time. People have come from 100 other things that day, quickly help people get in the zone. Then go a layer deeper and tell us what the focus for your team right now (possibly the goal for the quarter) Then a layer deeper... What's the sprint goal? Did we achieve it? *The demo* Show us your work! We love demos. But keep them brief. The best teams puts the customer front and centre and uses the right language to demonstrate how the work they are doing/have done positively impacts our customers And articulates how the work they've done links back to the wider business goal/objective *What are we learning?* Communicate how you are approaching problems/thinking. Not just the output. What have you learnt? Discovery and design work should be shared in demos too. Not just delivery. Before it gets built is the best time to get feedback. *Risks* Communicate your risks. What are the big unknowns that could derail everything? What are we not confident about? And how we are planning to mitigate those risks. *What's next?* Roadmap - what's upcoming and why have we decided to prioritise that thing. If it's changed from last review, tell us, and tell us why. Is there info stakeholders know that they aren't aware of that will impact our roadmap? Overall, try be succinct. It's a great learning ground for people to practice their presentation skills. Make sure you share the mic and responsibilities around the team. And create space for feedback, thoughts to be shared. You'll know when you've nailed it when you get lots of engagement