Private Fed Wiki

⚠️ Warning: This page lives in the Archives and is not being actively maintained.

I raised this under Projects because I have thoughts I want to iterate without publishing them but I'm really like the editing experience of Federated Wiki.

I imagine I'd create private spaces for drafting things that I don't want to make public yet, or work related activities that I want to store details about.

Most wiki farms are open. This is for flexibility, and ease of setup. But with a little work they don't have to be.

Federation makes even tiny wiki sites valuable. To feel this value, make some sites. Experiment. Keep the ones you like. Here I reflect on three years of doing this myself.

## TODO - [x] Look into wiki farms. Closed Farm Laptop Server - [x] Spin up subdomain for work and drafts - [x] Serve Fed Wiki from those - [x] Link to pages from Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. - [x] Migrate Dojo to Fed Wiki. Dojo (private) - [x] Migrate Job Pipeline to Fed Wiki. Pipeline (private)