This is a list of technical and non technical speaking I've made notes on. My goal is to find a way to reflect on great content.

These notes may only make sense to me, but I'm happy to share :)

Top 5

Cultivating Instinct. Katrina Owen.

How to Prepare for Technical Interviews. Engineering with Utsav, Youtube.

Make Time (Presentation). A short video that urges people to protect their focus time.

Explore, Expand, Extract - Kent Beck presents at YOW! conference in 2018. Kent talks about how experimentation at places like Facebook is important for their innovation, and discusses culture that is against test driven development.

Scaling Yourself - Scott Hanselman presents at GOTO Conference in 2012


Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB. Rick Houlihan’s presents at AWS re:Invent 2019

God Is Not Great. Christopher Hitchens presents at Google in 2008.

Using Cloze Deletion Cards. Kealan Hobelmann's tips on how to use Cloze cards for learning facts effectively.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB. Alex DeBrie presents at AWS re:Invent, 2019

Gonzo Journalism, an interview with Hunter S. Thompson 1975

Lean vs Agile vs Design Thinking - Jeff Gothelf presents at Øredev 2018

Why Scaling Agile Doesn't Work - Jez Humble presents at GOTO 2015

Stability Patterns & Antipatterns - Michael T. Nygard presents at GOTO 2016

Financial Fitness Webinar - Hannah McQueen

Agile is Dead - Dave Thomas presents at GOTO 2015

Uncoupling - Michael T. Nygard presents at GOTO 2018

This equation will change how you see the world - Sophie Wilson presents her keynote at Juliacon 2018

The Future of Microprocessors - Sophie Wilson presents at Juliacon 2018 about how we scaled down and how much harder it's going to be going forward.

Lucky You - by Sandi Metz presented her Keynote at RubyConf 2019

How to lose 50 Million Records in 5 minutes - Jon Druse presents at RubyConf in 2019

Introduction to Apache Cassandra - Patrick McFadin from Datastacks presents at CernerEng in 2014

Introduction to NoSQL - Martin Fowler presents at GOTO conference in 2012

The Lost Art of Software Design - Simon Brown presents at SCL Conf in 2019

Patterns of Effective Teams - Dan North presents at GOTO Conference in 2017

Absolute Unit (Test) - Dave Chaney presents at LondonGophers in 2019. Lessons on applying TDD to go, and subtle ways that you should be thinking about what needs testing.

Old Is the New New - Kevlin Henney presents at GOTO 2018. Reflections on how we keep chasing performance and rediscovering the same lessons.

The Clean Coder - Uncle Bob Martin presents at Laracon in 2018. Discussion about architecture, how it should reflect the purpose of an application and an easy way to do this in your code.

TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong - Ian Cooper presents at DevTernity 2017. Discussion about how you can keep up with developers who hack things together, and the types of TDD that hinder a codebase.

The Future of Programming - Uncle Bob Martin presents at Skills Matter in 2016. Discussion about how the industry is reacting to rapid expansion through rigid process, and how Agile was intended to help heal the divide between developer culture and business.

Here be Dragons - Katrina Owen presents at RubyBath in 2015. A story about fixing a bug, then going further and fixing underlying structural problems.

Overkill - Katrina Owen presents at E4E Developer Conf in 2014. A story about practice on basic problems is a path to mastery in your craft.

What Does Tech Excellence Look Like? - Martin Fowler presents at TW Live Australia in 2016. Arguments on why getting quick feedback from deployment gives you better information to make the right kind of bets.

Test Desiderata - Kent Beck and Kelly Sutton


Links to videos from A Case for Pair Programming.

There's an open source live event for Golang.

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