October 4, 2016

Linux Adventure Prequel

Even amongst nerds, it’s hard to find someone who wants Linux on a desktop. Perhaps that’s because stuff got hard, everything changed.

EFI Crypto boot, new fangled window managers, systemd, no onboard networking and still terrible wifi driver support. It’s pants really: to get drivers you need a network, to get network you need drivers or a plug in supported thing.

I’m motivated because I miss my tiling window manager, and I miss the choice I got. I’m interested in going back to the Gentoo distro and going a layer deeper than I did last time and get to know the tools well.

Here’s what I expect to need to do to start

  1. Skim Gentoo’s handbook
  2. Skim the Gentoo Cheat Sheet
  3. Skim Arch’s MacBook page
  4. Skim Gentoo wiki search results for MacBook 6,1
  5. Read the Wifi page. This is likely the bcm wl closed driver, OSX indicates AirPort_Brcm4360 when I ran ioreg -l
  6. Find a way to install the wireless drivers offline.

I’ll follow up with the nitty gritty, just planning stages now.