A Ploopy is a brand which sells Open, high-quality pointing devices. Website


Because the designs are open, there's a community of modders that modify and publish designs. That's part of the appeal, the base product is high quality but it's a lot of fun to tinker.

The Verge has a great post titled "My rapid descent into the world of DIY trackballs". Article

Ball Transfer Unit cutaway. Source

There's a BTU mod for the Ploopy which makes the roll virtually frictionless. Github

Sourcing BTUs might be best from McMaster, it just works. Website

Mystery: BTU mod page claims newer ploopys come with a 45mm ball. However, this is smaller than the smallest size. Ball Dimensions

YOUTUBE 8cu-j3vi-RM BTU Mod for Ploopy Classic Trackball. Source

It looks like you can buy hollow brass balls which might work inside ploopy. Shop

Smooth finish with Acetone. Reddit


Polish the pool ball with a cleaner designed for it. Aramith Ball Cleaner

Restoring shine on Billiard Balls. Article