Patterns List

"**Patterns**: Isolate the repeating parts of problems and solutions so the unique aspects come into clearer focus." -- Kent Beck, 2022. Source

Pattern recognition is important for Cultivating Instinct. If you just recognise a situation, you can shortcut yourself to options.

The List

Pattern Pattern: You are trying to do good work, but some activities have many steps. You find inconsistency in the way you or others do work and would like to align to reduce context switching.

Flash Card Patterns: Learning with spaced repetition is giving gains on recall, but ad-hoc formats are slowing your recall strategy.

Changing an Avatar: Your identity on the internet keeps evolving and you want to keep on top of it.

Fleeting Notes Pattern: You suffer from distraction while trying to stay on task.

Explore, Expand, Extract Pattern: Things are slow or messy. You want to prioritise quality in a way that pays off.

Evolving a Domain Language: New concepts introduced while problem solving need names that fit.

Rename Class Pattern: Existing classes need renaming without slowing the team down.

Joining a New Company: Roll your setup consistently at your new gig.

Leaving a Company: Update your details to avoid people getting confused.

Overlapping Cloze Pattern: You're creating flashcards and need to memorise a list.

Note Migration Pattern: You're iterating flashcard formats and want consistency across yoru notes.

Tagging Pattern: You need to do select over notes and search cannot help.

Wiki Template Pattern: You are trying to create pages consistently but it's getting complex.