Pattern Pattern

You are trying to do good work, but some activities have many steps.

You would like to align how you do work to reduce context switching across related material.

You have reviewed Pattern Traits and feel like this applies.


After some time you review your work and find inconsistencies with work you've produced in the past.

You're collaborating and new features are inconsistent or do not leverage the current system.


Document the patterns you see. Refer to them and share them when the context and problem match your situation.

For processes, build on from conventions in Apprenticeship Patterns. "Our patterns all consist of a context, a problem, a solution, and then a set of one or more actions." Ch 3 Archive

In this wiki there is no "context" section. Instead the paragraph is used without a specific heading.

If the patterns you're keeping only affect your own activities, keep them in your personal wiki. For patterns that affect your team or broader company, find where documentation lives and start recording there.


Review the Patterns List to see if one fits what you're trying to do. If not, document one in a new page.


See Patterns List for the complete list of all patterns on this wiki.

See Apprenticeship Patterns for inspiration.

See Pattern Traits for pattern identification.

See Writing for communication advice.

See Decision by Building Consensus for inclusion advice.

See Pattern Template to review or modify the format of new Wiki pages.