Overlapping Cloze Pattern

There is a group of items that you need to be able to do your job, pass a test, or get faster at an activity.

You have read Piotr Wozniak's 20 Rules of Formulating Knowledge.


The only way this really need to memorise a list, set, or enumeration. Looking it up is not enough either because you need to recall it without your notes, or use this knowledge quickly.


Use the Anki Cloze Overlapper to memorise ordered lists of items.

Find related patterns by searching tag:list in Anki.


Create a new "Cloze w' Source" card, paste URL into source field and entire list into *Extra* field.

**Put main points in Bold**. Rework entire list in *Extra* to be as short as possible but no shorter. See Writing for tips.

🏷️ Tag prefix with list::$name following the Tagging Pattern.

Copy list to *Text* field. Remove all but the first point but keep empty numbers. Leave the Bold text. Create a Cloze around the first point.

Create a summary phrase to describe what the list is for. For instance, "How to Create a Memory Palace".

Set all fields to Sticky (f9) and press [Add] On the new card

👇 repeat till you run out of list items.

Remove the Cloze from the first field. Remove the examples.

Remove bold formatting.

Add text from the next list item. Leave the bold text.

Press [Add]

☝️ repeat till you run out of list items.


See Tagging Pattern for rules around consistent taxonomies of tags.

Flash Card Patterns: Learning with spaced repetition is giving gains on recall, but ad-hoc formats are slowing your recall strategy.

See Patterns List for the complete list of all patterns on this wiki.