Other Reading Lists

A collection of reading lists of people I admire or interesting communities.

People I Admire

Gergely Orosz's "The Pragmatic Engineer Reading List". List Archive

Liberty Hardy's "Which Richard Feynman Book Should You Read First?" List Archive

Dave Kerr's "Hacker Laws: Reading List". Github

Dave Hoover and Adewale Oshineye's Apprenticeship Patterns Bibliography. List Archive

Sam Parr and Shaan Puri's "The Recession Proof Skillset". MFM E#56

Sam Parr's "Read these books instead of getting an MBA". List Archive

Jef Atwood's Reading List. List

Joel Spolsky's Reading List. List

Ryan Vaughn's "5 Books That Changed My Business". List Archive

Patrick O'Shaughnessy's "The Investor's Field Guide". Bookclub

Utsav's "5 books every software engineer should read in 2022". Article Youtube

Utsav's "Coding Roadmap". Article Archive

Community Recommendations

Hugo Awards by Year. Awards

Awesome Books Repository. Github

Awesome Go Books Repository. Github

Hackernews thread on "similar books to Raytracing in one weekend". Thread

Arden Labs Go Training Repo's "Important Reading". Github

Algorithmic Recommendations

Break the Bubble allows you to find out which books you are statistically unlikely to read. The more narrow your reading tastes are, the more you will be challenged by the results. A book like foo

Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers list, broken down by category. Listing

Project Gutenburg has a Top 100 Reading List that'd be excellent to go through. List