Note Migration Pattern

You're iterating the way you learn with Flash Card Patterns.

There's overhead in reading non-standard cards.


Learning is slowing down and you've noticed this because mature cards are being marked as "Again".


Perform maintenance on your notes. Tag them under the "migrate" namespace to easily track them. Suspend cards which are being migrated. Change their format then remove suspension and tags.

If the task is too big, do a partial migration and unsuspend cards that have had the migration performed.


Document updated format in Note Formats List.

Open card browser in Anki.

Select cards for migration.

Come up with a Verb Phrase to describe the migration.

i.e. migrate::to-cloze

Filter with tag:migrate::to-cloze

Select all cards and suspend with Cmd + J.

**If target note has fewer fields** 1. Empty fields that you'll be removing. 2. Modify fields to match target note 3. Change note type using non-blank fields

**If target note has equal or more fields** 1. Change note type 2. Modify fields to match

Select migrated cards.

Add target tag.

Remove migrate tag.

Unsuspend with Cmd + J.

Rebuild database: Tools > Check Database.

Prune media: Rebuild database: Tools > Check Media.

Remove empty cards: Tools > Empty Cards.

Sync database across devices.


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See Note Formats List for templates to speed up learning.

Flash Card Patterns: Learning with spaced repetition is giving gains on recall, but ad-hoc formats are slowing your recall strategy.

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