My First Million Frameworks

Frameworks taken from the My First Million Podcast.

Content: To have a great podcast you need to have unique or amazing Content, Delivery, and Perspective. 1 of these to be successful, 2 to be great, but 3 is rare. Listen

Grit: "Anything great comes from staying at it, so I have to do the things that give me energy, because without the energy there is no endurance"-- Shann Puri reciting some wisdom he got from Tim Ferriss. Listen

Growth: When training, the last reps are the hardest and you want to get through them. If you rush you loose your form and you don't keep Time Under Tension. You shouldn't be trying to get those done, all the gains are in that last bit. That's where you should show poise and go even slower than your normal pace. When you feel that sizzle, the reaction shouldn't be panic and rush, it should be poise. You can do this in business too, don't overreact to a stimulus. Listen

2023 Goals, Arbitrage, and AI Tools. Listen Article

4 flavours of luck, 4 flavours of risk. Listen

The Recession Proof Skill Sets. Listen

Sam from The Hussle of My First Million talked about "The Recession Proof Skill Set". E#56

Frameworks that every Entrepreneur should learn. Podcast

Every great marriage comes down to one realisation: "I am an arsehole". Once you realise that and accept that, it humbles you but it also helps you understand the other person's side because they're dealing with this arsehole. MFM Rapid Fire

Touchy feely framework, these are the 5 layers of Communication: MFM Rapid Fire 1. Ritual, automatic response "hey", "hi". 2. Extended ritual: How is your day? How are you? 3. Surface content like a project or an event. 4. Feelings about the content. I feel stressed about this project, excited about this game. Share how you feel about the thing, not just talking about the thing. 5. Feelings about each other, I feel frustrated when we need up in this same loop. I love seeing you pull off that complicated thing. Imagine there's 2 tracks, content of the conversation and the relationship. Level 1-3 the content moves but the relationship doesn't. Avoid the word "like" because it detracts from meaningful connection.

Ali Baba's common reasons to fail. Pod

Money makes people stupid, attack problems with creativity.

Navy Seal quote: Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Pod Forbes

A way to build trust when selling a business or interviewing. "Awesome, sounds like we are all excited. I’m now going to tell you all the reasons you should not buy this company. I’m going to tell you every skeleton in the closet now to save us some pain later. If anything scares you I can either explain it now or if it doesn’t work out, then we can know now." Pod