Joining a New Company

You've developed habits with software that suit how you edit text files and publish your work.

You've just joined a company and they've given you a company laptop.


You want your environment to be consistent with your previous setups. You know that it's taken days or weeks in the past to get things "just right" and feel this is detracting from you learning about your new environment and being productive.


Save out your configuration as flat files and check them into Git using the Dotfiles Pattern for shell.

Where applications need to be installed, check them into Git. A Brewfile might be ideal for this.


Add company to Matthew B. Gray and Github

Dotfiles - Setup your software.

Segregate secrets in a company Keepass repository.

Gravatar Emails - Register email, update Avatar.

LinkedIn - Update your current place of work.

Github Email Routing - Updates go to work inbox.

Github Slack Integration - Subscribe to PR activity.

Gmail Settings - Enable keyboard shortcuts, reply all by default.


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