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Interview when you don’t need a job. If you're in a pinch you stop trying to see what the opportunity is about and instead say I need a job in X, Y, Z company by the end of the month. As a result, you're under more pressure and will find it harder than it is. Imagine working at your dream company and getting an offer from another top company just for kicks. This empowers you. Utsav's Advice

The Tech Interview Handbook. Website

Apptension Developer Handbook covers the most common technical questions and requirements appearing prior to job interviews. Github

If you're applying to jobs, create a funnel with columns for Prospects, Outreach, Interview, Coding Challenge, Final Interview, Offer, Accepted and Rejected. This should not be public.

Assess yourself with this Algorithm Grading Rubric. Google Sheets

Dan Luu has a great article about "Hiring in a Market for Lemons". Hiring managers generally have trouble finding someone if they pay too little, pass on good or great Developers, try to hire for some combination of rare skills, or they're much more dysfunctional than they realise. Article

"Changing Jobs during the Great Resignation" has some gems about interview prep. Article