Fleeting Notes Pattern

Your mind keeps coming up with things you "should do" while you're trying to keep focus.


You suffer from constant distraction Yak Shaving while trying to get things done.

Or you constantly run across things that you were meaning to do and are surprised that you didn't do them.


When an ideas or reminders occur to you and they aren't important for your immediate goal, note them down as Fleeting Notes.

Store them as texts to yourself. The mechanism is simple, they're private, and you can access them across all relevant devices. Article


Put a 👍 when done, a 👎 when skipped, or a ❤️ when migrated to Projects, Resources, Areas, or Archives.

## Signal

Turn on disappearing messages for 2 weeks to avoid clutter. Don't bother deleting these notes, just use them to stay on task.

Use for personal notes.

Start with a URL for context, then put instructions at the bottom. The last thing you read should tell you what to do next.

## Slack

Use for work / community related notes.

TODO look into autodelete. Extension


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