Flash Card Patterns

Learning with spaced repetition in Anki is giving giving you results and your recall is getting better.


However, you're finding your rate of learning is slowing and mature cards are frequently being set "Again" snowballing your progress.

Your ad-hoc formats don't feel right and you sometimes confuse cards.


Standardise your decks by documenting a format for each note. Each note should:

Create a meaningful connection.

Be Atomic, 2-3 concepts max. Article

Use as few words as possible.

Avoid Memory Interference by being distinct from other note formats.


Review the Note Formats List to see if one fits what you're trying to do. If not, create a new page on the list and capture a template.


See Note Formats List for templates to speed up learning.

See Note Migration Pattern for how to evolve a format over time.

See Overlapping Cloze Pattern to memorise sets, lists, or enumerations.

See Patterns List for the complete list of all patterns on this wiki.