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A collection of resources for anyone who wants to reflect on their career goals.

Every job will stretch you in one of these directoins: Learn, Earn, Lifestyle, or Legacy. You can't have them all. Knowing what you want up front will stop you getting upset. What matters to you?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your "reason for being". You've found your dream career when you find: What you love, What you’re good at, What you can be paid for, What the world needs. Find your reason and you'll feel good about what you do. Article Archive

80,000 hours published an article on Anonymous Career Advice that you wouldn't want your name on. Article Archive

If your company wont recognise a ladder or your skills, pick 3 from other companies. Team up with your manager to create SMART goals or OKRs that demonstrate you have those skills. Follow them through and get them signed off, then use this in your salary review.

There are lots of published ladders listed for seniority benchmarking over at Website

I really like this post by Chuck Groom "The Software Engineering Job Ladder" Article .

Use the techniques and resources from the book Atomic Habits to setup an environment where it's easy to achieve your goals.

Making small changes compound over time. Read "Driven by Compression Progress" Article

Setting the right goals is important. "When I don't know where I want to go, I usually don't get there." Article

There's a great example of Professional Development Goal examples as OKRs published on the Hypercontext blog. Article Archive

A graph depicting time and number of employees that are Trained vs Training. This is illustrative of what it feels like to go through hypergrowth. Source

There's a great article called "Productivity in the age of hypergrowth." from Will Larson on his blog Irrational Exuberance. It discusses how scaling an organisation has scaling problems for experienced engineers, ways to manage entropy, and encouraging a Culture of Documentation.

Centrality Principles that Nathan likes: "Deliver results, work as a team, do the right thing"

Rework your Github landing page to show off some of your achievements. There's a great example of this by FrenzyExists which is colourful and fun. Github

Become a better engineer by thinking about what to do before and after you write code. article

Gergely Orosz's (The Pragmatic Engineer) Software tracks for IC, People Management and Stakeholder Management. tweet

Don't get distracted by things that are not core to your role. If you would like to stay technical but you keep doing things that are non-technical then this can hurt your career overall. There's a great article which describes this as "Being Glue" Article .

Search for jobs near you using the Techmap. Map .

Learning is hard. There's a great article on "How to Study Effectively" on that seems really well thought out. article

Most people leave their jobs because of their boss. Radical Candor has an article "2 questions to ask to Avoid Working for a Bad Boss." It's got some good advice, worth a read. Article Archive

Pain Dream Fix, taken from Source

Erik Dietrich's article "Value Proposition for Recovering Programming Generalists" describes the super-mario powerup model of "Pain, Dream, Fix". This is how you win hearts. Article

Danny suggests power verbs make your CV stand out. Article

Joel Goldberg retired after 40 years with this advice: Beware of the curse of knowledge; Focus on the fundamentals of Teamwork, Trust, Communication, Consensus, Automated Testing, and Navigable Code by Design; Promote simplicity; Seek first to understand; Beware of lock-in; and be honest and acknowledge when you don't fit the role. Article Archive

Get your work recognised and write a Brag Document. Article

Thought provoking article "Generational Wealth: Why do 70% of Families Lose Their Wealth in the 2nd Generation." Article Archive