Projects that are not started, but they're still good ideas. These may move to the Project Graveyard or Projects.

More than a month out

Take a step back if this gets too deep

Stop. Breath. If it's too much then move items to the Project Graveyard. Figure out what you can take on.

The Collector's Fallacy happens when we gather things that we don't need. Article Pocket Archive

Level 1: NOT BUSY My schedule is wide open.

Level 2: STUFF TO DO I have a few commitments wandering around my brain.

Level 3: SIGNIFICANT COMMITMENTS I have enough commitments that I need to keep track of them in a tool because I can no longer organically triage.

Level 4: AT CAPACITY My to-do and my calendar are full.

Level 5: CRACKS IN THE FACADE I tell myself I’m on top of all the things, but there are early signs of excessive work.

Level 6: CRUSHING COMMITMENTS The incoming amount of things are beyond my ability to triage them. Change is constant.

Level 7: UNSUSTAINABLE I live minute to minute.