Active Reading

A method of reading that uses reflection, note taking and Meta Cognition to better learn the material.

I picked this up from an article about Active Recall Strategies. Article

SQ3R Strategy

The usual approach employs the SQ3R method. This stands for **S**urvey, **Q**uestion, **R**ead, **R**ecite, and **R**eview. Wikipedia

**S**urvey - Survey, skim, or scan. Resist the temptation to read everything and just read headings, sub-headings and other outstanding features, such as figures, tables, marginal information, and *summary paragraphs*.

**Q**uestion - Create questions that you wanted answered. Convert headings and sub-headings into questions, and then look for answers in the content of the text.

Example questions: * What is this chapter/text about? * Why is it important? * What questions is it trying to answer?

**R**ead - Read the first section to answer your questions. Actively search for the answers. If you finish the section and have not found an answer, re-read it.

**R**ecite - Look away and try to recite the answer to your question, using your own words and examples. Do this like you were teaching the material to someone else. Recall and identify major points from heading and subheadings. Store these notes in Anki.

**R**eview - Test your memory by reviewing your list of questions. Ask each one and review your notes. Repeat the process with a second set of questions.

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